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Sustainability And Mission

Mission: To be the leaders in hyperlocal sustainable city farming.

Who we are.

At Moonflower Farms, we believe that hydroponics and sustainable city farming are the future. Our current food systems are vastly inefficient and create food waste, rampant pesticide use, transport emissions, and agriculture runoff. We believe in growing food in the city, for the city.  We provide our communities year-round access to safe, high-quality produce with as little environmental impact as possible. This is something worth working towards. We plan on growing in a city near you.

Working with NASA

Exploring ways to clean air, clean water, and grow vegetables on earth and in space.

Our Founder/CEO, Federico Marques, first learned about hydroponics while working with NASA and Bioregenerative Life Support Systems staff at Stennis Space Center. Federico continued this research and even had a greenhouse (used to clean industrial waste water) in a chemical plant in his past career.

Moonflower Farms continues this tradition and continues to work closely with the Space Alliance Technical Outreach Group in Houston.

About Us

At Moonflower Farms, we are using space age technology to solve real world problems.

Moonflower Farms was started in 2016. Moonflower Farms was the 1st indoor vertical farm in Houston Texas.  By 2019, we were moving into our state of the art 20,000 square foot hydroponic greenhouse.  We are currently expanding rapidly in the Houston market and our goal is to be the leader in helping cities transition to sustainable city farming.


All of our products are grown hydroponically using 95% less water than conventional farms.

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Lettuces Organic Product

Our living lettuces are grown hydroponically with roots still intact. This means they are supa fresh and alive when you consume them. We grow beautiful butterheads, red oak, romaine and specialty lettuces for our community and some of the top restaurants in Houston.


Herbs Organic Product

Herbs really do make the world go round. We grow a plethora of herbs in our farm. Oregano, mint, basil, chives, arugula, are grown year-round on our hydroponic tables. We have grown sage, parsley, thyme, lavender, marjoram, and other specialty herbs too.

Microgreens Organic Product

Microgreens are mini but mighty!  Microgreens are packed with flavor, colorful, and highly nutritious. Unlike sprouts, microgreens are grown in sunlight and are also considered a superfood. Studies indicate that microgreens have 10-40X more nutrients than their full-grown counterparts.


We believe that by 2030, every major city in the world will be building large tracts of hydroponic farms.  Our vision is to lead this effort so that food security is no longer a threat to anyone.

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Where You Can Find Us

9703 Barker Cypress, #115

TX 77433

2700 W Grand PKWY, #122

Katy, TX 77449

1712 Spring Green Blvd, #146

Katy, TX 77433

River Oaks
1938 West Gray, #355
Houston, TX 77019