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We believe that hydroponics and sustainable city farming are the future.


High-Quality Product Grown in Clean, Closed Environment. 


3805 Fuqua Street, Houston TX, 77047 Call: (832) 856-0955

Innovation & Sustainability

Through the use of hydroponics and super absorbent vermiculite media, we use 95% less water than most farms.


Sustainable Growing

We capture rainwater and use closed loop recycling systems that create no runoff.


Organic Products

We do not use pesticides and ensure contact free handling when harvesting and packing.


Working with NASA

Exploring ways to clean air, clean water, and grow vegetables in space.


Our Company

At Moonflower Farms, we are using space age technology to solve real world problems.

We provide our communities year-round access to safe, high-quality produce with as little environmental impact as possible. We believe that hydroponics and sustainable city farming are the future. Our current food systems are vastly inefficient with food waste, rampant pesticide use, transport emissions, and agriculture runoff.

Closed loop grow systems prevent these problems and help to create higher quality food and local jobs. This is something worth working towards. We plan on growing in a city near you.

Our Products

All of our products are grown hydroponically using 95% less water than conventional farms. Our products are pesticide free and grown organically with a focus on sustainable farming.

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Lettuces Organic Product

Our living lettuces are grown hydroponically with roots still intact. This means they are supa fresh and alive when you consume them. We grow beautiful butterheads, red oak, romaine and specialty lettuces for our community and some of the top restaurants in Houston.


Herbs Organic Product

Herbs really do make the world go round. We grow a plethora of herbs in our farm. Oregano, mint, basil, chives, arugula, are grown year-round on our hydroponic tables. We have grown sage, parsley, thyme, lavender, marjoram, and other specialty herbs too. Adding herbs for color and flavor can make your dish go from good to extraordinary.

Microgreens Organic Product

Microgreens are mini but mighty!  Microgreens are packed with flavor, colorful, and highly nutritious. Unlike sprouts, microgreens are grown in sunlight and are also considered a superfood. Studies indicate that microgreens have 10-40X more nutrients than their full-grown counterparts.

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